Designed for those who demand a compact system alongside uncompromising performance

For over 25 years Kharma is known for its craftsmanship, unmatchable audio quality, innovation and design. This passion for the perfect music representation always has been realized in elegant and high quality finished loudspeaker designs, but never before we reproduced this refined audio quality in such a compact design.

Kharma proudly presents an unique combination of satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer, called the Kharma Butterfly system. Despite the compact design, this new system will amaze many while listening to it for the first time. This as a result of many years of experience in the top of the High-End audio market and months of engineering on each detail.

The Butterfly Satellite speakers will give a refined music representation, while the Butterfly Subwoofer adds low bass to deliver an impressive experience. This true musical journey can easily be integrated in any domestic environment, because we made it possible to have an aesthetic stand option to place the Satellite speakers on the floor, any bookshelves or dressoir, the wall or the ceiling. Adding pure audio and visual pleasure as a core value to your life.      

Butterfly Speaker

Our goal was the creation of a fresh new lifestyle audio product.
Because we believe a refined music representation will enrich your life.



We have challenged nature to be able to create a Satellite speaker that sounds refined, but accepts a modest sized cabinet. The backbone of the solution is the use of high-quality materials and clever engineering. With a high-gloss painted finish, the aluminum enclosure realizes a perfect match with amongst others the in-house developed composite cone used for the midrange section.


The combination of a Ribbon tweeter and a 3-inch Kharma Composite driver makes the Butterfly Satellite a powerful but refined speaker. The amplification for these drivers has been provided in the Butterfly Subwoofer.

 High driver:
Ribbon tweeter (Air Motion Transformer)
 Mid driver:
3-inch Kharma Composite Driver (KCD)
 Dimensions (excl. stand):117 mm (W) x 163 mm (D) x 272 mm (H)
 Connection:Kharma Compatible Banana plugs
 Optional accessoires:
Floorstand, Deskstand, Wallmount or Ceilingmount

Mounting options

Each decorated room has its own unique style, acoustic properties and dimensional drawbacks, but though there is always the strong desire to experience music in the room as it is intended. By offering several stand options the Kharma Butterfly system easily blends in every living room, suiting every desire of detailed sound representation.



Minimal soundwave diffractions

With tilt Function


The Floorstand design makes it possible to have a freestanding satellite speaker in your room. In this way minimal soundwave diffractions will occur, which as a result will give the best sound representation. The set-up can be powered on easily by connecting the loudspeaker cables and plugging in your favorite music source.    


 Adjustability:Tilt function of satellite  
 Dimensions:252 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 1083 mm (H) 
 Accesoires: Loudspeaker cable of 3m and 6m 



Easy to place

With tilt Function


The most easy way to integrate quality audio in the living room is placing the Butterfly Satellites on a deskstand. In this way the speakers can be placed on for example the TV furniture, a bookshelve or a dressoir.


Adjustability:Tilt function of satellite  
Dimensions:127 mm (W) x 175 mm (D) x 292 mm (H) 
Accesoires: Loudspeaker cable of 3m and 6m 


In-wall wiring required

Easy installation

With tilt Function


A very subtile option to bring music in your room is the wallmount option. By using a standard electrical pot as the base for the mounting, the construction to be done is obvious.


Adjustability:Tilt function of satellite 
Rotation around vertical axis 
Dimensions:117 mm (W) x 163 mm (D) x 272 mm (H) 
Accesoires: First 4m loudspeaker cable free of charge per satellite


In-wall wiring required

Minimal soundwave diffractions

With tilt Function


When you want to have the speakers placed at a certain position, but there is no wall or furniture that makes this possible, there is still the ceilingmount option that can bring music into your live.


Adjustability:Tilt function of satellite 
Rotation around vertical axis 
Dimensions:117 mm (W) x 165 mm (D) x 667 mm (H) 
Accesoires: First 4m loudspeaker cable free of charge per satellite

The truth is in the details

At Kharma we believe attention to detail creates the difference. This is heavily ratified by our name Kharma, which in short means that each action has its consequence. Therefore the effort put into each detail of the Butterfly system will have its effect in the sound representation.

  • Aluminium enclosure

    The enclosure of the satellite and the subwoofer are both completely constructed of aluminum, making it rigid and durable. This combined with the high gloss painted finish of the cabinets and the mirror polished accents makes the Butterfly system an unique audio system. 

  • Kharma Composite Driver

    With Kharma speakers several times being awarded as the best in the world, we have used the same know-how from our top line models in the creation of a composite cone driven midrange unit for the satellites. By selecting the right composite material, the performance of this 3 inch midrange unit is impressive. 

Butterfly Subwoofer

As bass is essential to bring music alive, we’ve created a modest sized subwoofer that complies with this need and at the same time has the intelligence and power to control the whole Butterfly system.



As the Butterfly system is all about combining design and performance, we’ve hidden a lot of technology in the Butterfly Subwoofer. The amplification for the Subwoofer and for up to four Satellites is integrated in the aluminum enclosure of the Subwoofer. Moreover, 4 different modes make it possible to adjust the performance to your needs. How you want to control your music is all up to you. You have the freedom to plug in any volume controlled device like your mobile, computer, pre-amplifier or streaming device, directly into the Subwoofer.


The presence of the subwoofer makes the Butterfly system an active digitally controlled 3-way system. Meaning the audio quality of the complete system is being guaranteed by the technology hidden in the subwoofer.    

Active Digitally Controlled system
4 presets for Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
 Low driver:
8 inch Long excursion aluminium cone driver
 Dimensions: 336 mm (W) x 337 mm (D)  x 310 mm (H)
RCA Stereo line in
2x stereo channels with Banana plugs
 Options:XLR input instead of RCA

Create your own perfect Butterfly system

At Kharma we know each individual has it's own style and preferences. Therefore we have created the option for you to create your own perfect Butterfly system. Create and design your system based upon your setup and color preference.

Choose your perfect Butterfly setup

Each room has it’s own charm and personality. Choose your options and make it your own.


Your choice, your style, your personality | Your perfect Kharma Butterfly system 

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